About Pony Fair

Join other collectors and fans who share a common passion for MY LITTLE PONY over two fun filled days! Celebrate this iconic toy, show off your artistic skills in one of our many contests, test your pony knowledge, add new ponies to your collection, and so much more! The 2022 Pony Fair offers something for everyone, but will have a primary focus on toy collecting and topics of interest to collectors! The event will be held in Tampa, Florida on June 25th and 26th 2022.

Previous years have had guest panels consisting of Hasbro design and marketing staff, MY LITTLE PONY creator Bonnie Zacherle, designers ( Liz Knight, Susanne Riette-Keith, Ruth Bush, and Stefanie Eskander), sculptors (Kirk Hindman and Grace Garcia), painter (Stanley Sykes), illustrator (Lyn Fletcher), voice actors (Andrea Libman and Katie Leigh), book signings by MY LITTLE PONY guide authors (Summer Hayes, Debra Birge and Hillary DePiano) and presentations by well known community members. In 2011, the MY LITTLE PONY Fair hosted the world premier of the documentary film, My Little Obsession directed by Jewel Watts.


We have watched our attendance grow over the years from our humble beginnings of only a few dozen collectors in 2004 to nearly three thousand attendees at our peak. 

The MY LITTLE PONY Fair staff spends countless hours planning this exciting event for collectors. There are many exciting games, contests and activities planned and many more things in the works that we can't yet announce!

Check back often to get details as they become available.