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MLP Fair

 Contests 2022


Share your pony talent this year with our custom and art related categories.  Everyone loves to see the beautiful customs and art that our community is known for. So start planning now to unveil your masterpieces!


2022 MLP Fair Contest Categories


Hasbro Inspired Custom: What’s your favorite pony? Use a pony from any generation as your inspiration. Want to make a G1 pony from a G3 or G4? Want to put a totally different twist on what you think Mimic should look like? Go for it!


Original Custom: The interests of our community are varied. This custom can be of any subject but must use a MY LITTLE PONY as the base of your custom creation. Use your imagination and blow everyone away!


Artwork: Try your hand at a painting, drawing, sculpture or other MY LITTLE PONY inspired artwork. Use your creativity to create something truly wonderful.


Handicraft: Are you great at creating things? This category may be for you! You can enter anything pony themed from a plush, to a piece of jewelry to stained glass or embroidery.


Costume Contest and Parade: Join in our annual MY LITTLE PONY themed Costume Contest and Parade! Attendees are invited to dress in a costume inspired by a MY LITTLE PONY character from any generation. Participants will parade their costumes and attendees will vote on their favorites. Please keep in mind that costumes should be tasteful as children will be present. This is a family event.


Parade of Booths: Back again it’s the parade of booths. Decorate or design your booth in a creative and fun way. The best of the booths will get voted on as the best booth of the 2022 MY LITTLE PONY Fair.


Contest Rules:

Please use discretion. Remember that children will be present. The Fair staff reserves the right to reject any offensive custom/art entries, i.e. customs/art depicting graphic violence or sexuality, etc. If you're wondering about it, it's probably not a good idea.

Each Fair attendee is limited to ONE (1) entry in each contest category.

Your custom/artwork must be complete and cured (all paint, clay, etc. dry) by the time it is registered. You cannot make changes to your custom after it is entered.

ALL customs and artwork MUST be registered between 11:00 am and noon on Saturday. All participants will need to fill out an entry card when they register their contest entry at the Contest Registration Desk.


Persons participating in the Costume Contest will need to sign up at the Contest Registration Desk located TBA between 11 am and noon in the Presentation Room. The Costume Parade will take place on Saturday at 3:00 pm. Participants will need to line up for the Costume Parade at 2:45 pm. Costume Parade participants are encouraged to wear their costume and contest entry number throughout the remainder of the Fair on Saturday. 


Persons wanting to enter their booth into the Parade of Booths contest will need to sign up at Contest Registration area before 12:00 pm Saturday,  


Each contest entry will be assigned a number. We will keep all custom/artwork/handicraft entries on display until after the close of the Fair on Sunday. This will allow Fair attendees to enjoy the display of talent throughout the Fair.


 We have elected not to allow those who are not attending the fair to enter through mail. This may seem unfair to the wonderful artists in the community who cannot come, but the level of responsibility and expectations that would accompany that option are going to be high, and not something we're comfortable with at this time.

The results of the contests will be announced on Saturday before event close with ribbons placed on the winning entries on tables forming the Gallery.

You are responsible for picking up your custom/artwork/handicraft after judging. If, for some reason you are unable to do so, you may make arrangements to have somebody else collect it for you. However, you must inform the Fair staff of your arrangement. upon registration of your contest entry. Any unclaimed customs will be held for two weeks and you are responsible for the $25.00 return shipping charge. After that time, any unclaimed customs/artwork will be auctioned and the proceeds will go towards next year's Fair.


All entries will be judged by our Special Guests.


MY LITTLE PONY Fair Rosettes and/or Medals will be awarded to the Winning Entry and Runner Up in all contest categories except the Costume Contest Category. In the case of the Costume Contest, MY LITTLE PONY Fair Rosettes and/or Medals will be awarded to the Winners and Runner Up in the following categories: Best G1, G2, or G3 Inspired Costume, Best Friendship Is Magic Inspired Costume, Best Group, Best Child’s Costume, Most Creative Costume, and Favorite Overall Costume.

By entering your custom/artwork/handicraft/costume into any contest, you agree to abide by the judging decisions made by the attendees of the MY LITTLE PONY Fair. In the event of a tie, a panel of Fair organizers will determine the winner of the category.




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