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Special Events 2022

  • Costume Parade (Saturday)- Attendees dress as MY LITTLE PONY characters from any generation and join in our annual costume parade. 

  • MY LITTLE PONY Through the Years: a Retrospective Exhibit (Saturday and Sunday)- Take a tour though a curated collection of MY LITTLE PONY toys depicting the evolution of the brand during G1 production.

  • Instagram Meet Up (Sunday)


Presentations and Panels (2019)


  • All About Takaras!: A talk About Japanese Takara Ponies by Takara Collector Maria Cook (Sunday)- Can these strange, two-legged ponies actually be authentic My Little Pony toys? Amazingly, the answer is yes! These are Takara Ponies, or “Mai Ritoru Ponii-Osharena Ponii”, from Japanese company Takara, produced in 1985! As strange as they may seem, they are real, Hasbro-licensed My Little Ponies! Join us on Sunday, July 28th at noon to learn all about these rare My Little Pony oddities from Takara Pony Collector Maria Cook! Find out which Takara Ponies are known to exist and which ones are still only rumors. Learn how to tell a real Takara Pony from a Takara fakie. Explore the history of how this rare Japanese line came to be and why it was so short-lived, all while viewing the artwork, accessories and—of course—the ponies that made this line one of the most unique and sought-after in pony history!

  • 80s and 90s Girls' Toys with Toy Designer, Stefanie Eskander (Saturday and Sunday)- Join Stefanie as she talks about her experiences as a toy designer. Throughout her extensive career, Stefanie worked on many memorable toy lines including: Rainbow Brite, Popples, Lady Lovely Locks,  My Child,  Cupcakes Dolls, WWF Wrestling Buddies, Hush Little Baby, Cuddle-Bye Baby, Puzzle Place, Smooshies, Dress & Dream, Jem, Maxie, Moondreamers, My Beautiful Doll, Sweetie Pops, Real Baby, Love-A-Bye Baby, Dolly Surprise, Barbie, Barbie Princesses, Winnie the Pooh, Disneyland, Cabbage Patch Kids, Sky Dancers, My Little Pony, Holly Hobbie, Little Mommy, Polly Pocket, My Dream Baby, Shrinky Dinks, Play Along Club, and others.

  • Toy Talk with Kirk Hindman (Saturday and Sunday)- My Little Pony sculptor Kirk Hindman discusses past projects he helped to develop during his time at Hasbro. Fan favorites include several iconic My Little Pony poses, playsets and accessories, Fairy Tail Birds, Moon Dreamers, and G.I. Joe products among others. Listen and learn while Kirk tells us all about the creative process while he interlaces  interesting and often hysterical stories of his time at Hasbro.

  • Toys Around the World (Saturday)- Join Summer & Jenny as we welcome our special guest, Guillermo Olivo (director of Plastic Crack), to discuss the world of collecting international variants. Guillermo will be sharing a special sneak peek of the upcoming season 2 of Plastic Crack. Plastic Crack Season 1 is currently streaming on Amazon, Google Play, & YouTube.



Games and Activities


  • Pony Photo Booth (Saturday and Sunday)- Grab your Pony Pals and take your picture with fun props and Ponies in our Pony Photo Booth.


  • Pony Gameshow (Sunday) : Details to Come. Perhaps, you’ll take home one of our terrific prize packages!

  • Pony Word Search Challenge (Saturday)- Be the first to locate all the pony names and terms in the puzzle and win a prize. If you aren’t the quickest pony, don’t worry. Completed puzzles will be gathered and winners will be randomly selected to win additional prizes at the end of the session.

  • Pony Trivia (Sunday)- Test your MY LITTLE PONY knowledge against fellow MY LITTLE PONY enthusiasts. Everyone can play in this fun interactive game.

  • Pony Coloring Corral (Saturday and Sunday)- Designed especially for our youngest pony guests this area will be stocked with Pony coloring sheets and supplies to create your own masterpiece.

  • Pony Photo Scavenger Hunt (Saturday and Sunday)- Follow the clues, find the items, snap a selfie, and post it with the hashtag #PonyFair2018 to be entered to win fun prizes.

  • Costume Parade (Saturday)- Take the stage to show off your Pony themed costume. Ribbons will be awarded  to winners in each category. See our Contests page for more details.


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